"TRI-FECTIVE" INTENSIVE CORRECTOR ...........60 Minutes $115 or 90 Minutes $140

Our most aggressive treatment! Combines a Vita- C/ lactic acid peel, glycolic peel and a thermal- reactive enzyme.

Each treatment enhances the other! This facial firms, smooths wrinkles and scars, diminishes pores, lightens suns spots, and imparts a polished, youthful glow.

No down time or pain.

(Skin may be red for 1-2 hours due to the thermal activity of the enzyme)

VITA C MICRO TREATMENT.................................45 Minutes $70 or 90 Minutes $100

Luminous Vitamin C Micro-crystals slough off dull, dead skin. Warming Activator is then applied to suppress sun spots and promote collagen. Great for tired aging skin.

INSTANT RESULTS- No Pain or downtime!

GLYCOLIC VITA BOOST TREATMENT................45 Minutes $85 or 90 Minutes $125

This amazing treatment begins with a VITA-scrub, followed with a glycolic peel! Firms the skin and exfoliates. Very effective for aging, lines, wrinkles, pore sizing, scarring, and discoloration. Immediate results for a WOW look instantly! No pain or down time. Perfect for clients who are not candidates of microdermabrasion. One of my most popular facials!


GLYCOLIC PEEL....................................................45 Minute $75 or $125

Effective treatment that aids in the elimination of wrinkles, scarring, age spots and acne. This completely natural product (made from sugar cane) is extremely effective on skin damaged by the sun. Regular glycolic peels and home care will DRAMATICALLY improve your complication, and take years

off your appearance! SAFE & GENTLE, no down time.

45 minute...$70

Half Hour Express Peel... $45


Microdermabrasion is perfect for people who are unwilling to undergo invasive treatments due to the high cost, potential side effects, discomfort and long recovery.

It is VERY effective for:

  • Lines & Wrinkles

  • Sun Damaged Skin

  • Acne Scars

  • Excess Oil

  • Large Pores

  • Age Spots

  • Hyper-pigmentation due to sun, pregnancy or hormones

45 minutes...$100

Extended  Treatment- 90 minutes...$130

LED Light Therapy


Shows improvements with sensitive, aging, and sun damaged skin. RED L.E.D is essential with the first step of cell growth. This is your primary color before any other L.E.D color light is used.


Shows improvement with non inflamed and inflamed oily and troubled skins. BLUE L.E.D. light creates a safe environment for managing overactive oily skins. Blue light is excellent for recovering troubled skin.

Professional Therapies:

L.E.D. Light Therapy stimulates your skin for a youthful appearance. Your skin professional will usually perform exfoliation therapies, such as; microdermabrasion, cosmetic acid peels, oxygen infusion, etc. before L.E.D. Light Therapy procedure. Your skin therapy may be individualized depending on your skin type, condition, and color.


The energy in our cells produce ATP- Adenosine Tri- phosphate, this cellular energy enhances cellular metablolic activity. Studies have shown an increase of 150% in cell production. Light is an essential part of repair, restore, and recovery for skin health.


Restore For Dry/Mature Skin:

RED L.E.D. Light: 2 times a week for 4-6 weeks

                                  Maintenence: 1-2 times a month

                                  Time: Maximum 20 minutes

Repair For Sensitive Skin:

RED L.E.D. Light: 2 times a week for 4-6 weeks

                                  Maintenence: 1-2 times a month

                                  Time: Maximum 20 minutes

Repair For Sun Damaged Skin:

RED L.E.D. Light: 2 times a week for 6-8 weeks

                                  Maintenance:2 times a month

                                  Time: Maximum 20 minutes

Repair for Oily/ Troubled Skin:

RED & BLUE L.E.D : 2 times a week for 2-3 weeks 

                                   Maintenance: 2 times a month

                                   Time: 15 minutes with RED L.E.D. light and 10 minute with BLUE L.E.D. light.

Oxygen Infusion

Exclusive Trademarked Performance Ingredients

Our propierty recipe gives skin clarity, invigoration, and refinement. Our formulations bring out your inner beauty by delivering essential building blocks for skin health.

Oxygen Infusion Gel Phase 1+ Sensitive with LSS Delivery

Soothes and desensitizes irritated skin with our botanicals of bisabolol and our medicinal herb sigesbeckia orientalis.

Oxygen Infusion Gel Phase 1+ A, C, E Complex with LSS Delivery

Regenerates and stimulates mature skins by delivering age defying results. We use our triple antioxidant formula for skin nourishment that provides a long lasting youthful appearance.

Oxygen Infusion Gel Phase 1 + Brightening with LSS Delivery

Lifts and brightens discolored skin,while preventing the damaging effects of sun exposure. Kojic acid, licorice, and bear berryare a powerful anti-inflammatory combination for all skin colors.

Oxygen Infusion Gel + Anti-bacterial with LSS Delivery

Maintains and protects from future oily/ troubled  skin concerns. Lysozyme is specifically designed to target active skin concerns, with clear results. Simple, effective, and safe.

Oxygen Infusion Phase 2 + Activator 

Formulated exclusively for skin for life. Interacts with the natural enzymes within the surface of the skin to breakdown into your skin's pure oxygen and maximize hydration. 

Suggested Recommended Therapies

Oxygen Infusion Series

Schedule  your skin therapy twice a week for three weeks for six complete treatments for long lasting skin changes.

Oxygen Singles

Schedule a single therapy once a week to sustain your youthful results. 


Make an appointment today for therapy suggestions for your skin!



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